What our Customers say...


Excellent service-great to work with. The staff is very knowledgeable and they have the equipment and staff to deal with any situation.

What A Great JOB! Daren and his team did an amazing job in assessing, drying, and communicating updates with my water damage incident in our house. They are a great team to have on your side when dealing with the insurance company. They exceeded my expectations and I highly recommend their business to anyone for restoration services.

I have always had a great experience working with SERVPRO. They are responsive and professional.

I am pleased with the work they performed on my home due to mold damage. Their service was prompt and the team handled the process very professionally. I highly recommend them.

Very professional, responsive, and knowledgeable. 

SERVPRO was great. Every employee was professional, and friendly! I highly recommend using this company!

Great service!! I highly recommend this company to anyone I know.  

Fantastic Quality Work!

Great response time, workmanship, and professionalism all the way around! What a team effort, headed by Shawn and crew. Thanks SERVPRO of Egg Harbor for making the trek to Longport!!

Very professional and knowledgeable service. They talk straight and do not use fear to scare people out of their wallets.

Very professional and educational company! They walked me through the entire process and answered any questions that I had. I highly recommend them!

I made a call to Daren at SERVPRO this past Monday night with a water leak in a few of our hotel rooms, and after 4 to 5 calls to him, he put together a game plan and satisfied our needs and deadline.   He and his team came to assess the damage, put forth a plan of action, and had us up and running in 2 days. They saved us the trouble of closing off the rooms that were damaged and we are now able to use the rooms for the weekend. SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City comes through again!

Thank you for your excellent service once again.

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City is our Go-To Company for any issue we have here at the City of Pleasantville. Our entire Team in Facilities and Maintenance has them on Speed Dial! Another Great Remediation Job Fellas! Even our Mayor of Pleasantville was impressed with the most recent job in his own office!

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City just completed our 3rd commercial duct cleaning project at our Banking Business.They have worked after hours and on the weekends to accommodate our schedule, and all of our employees notice a difference in the air quality. Now I will schedule our 4th and final location for the same service,without going to look at any other bids. Thanks to Bryan and his Team, we couldn't be happier.    Thanks for your continued work ethic at our locations throughout South Jersey. Being a Banking Institution, we require complete trust and confidentiality, and your SERVPRO team exemplifies that.

Thank you Shawn and Joe for a great job completed at my dad's home in Margate. What we thought was an impossible task to fix was turned into a simple solution, and they even brought in an expert painter to match the pop corn ceiling. I have told all my friends and family about SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City and thanks again for your professional services.

The number of vendors I control at a building as big as Caesar's Hotel and Casino is endless, but we only call on one Emergency Service Company for all of our needs and it's SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City. They come through every time, no matter what time we call. They continue to deliver great response time, workmanship, and attention to detail. Our last call was a Bio Hazard situation where we had an injury related scene, and upon completion, SERVPRO left the hotel room "Like it never even happened."   Another Great Job Guys!    

I called Daren Perone on a Sunday afternoon with a water leak from our 3rd floor to the ground floor, and he and his team were at my home the very next day at 8am. They were great through the entire process, and I highly recommend SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City to all.

Thank You SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City for the fast response in Cleaning our City Garage after a major storm here at the shore.We plan on using all of your services throughout our city as a result of our satisfaction with your Team,and have already scheduled Duct Cleaning at our Municipal Headquarters!

George M

Maintenance Director

City of Brigantine

We were extremely pleased with SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City with the Mold Cleanup in our Crawl Space. We had to close our branch and let them work in a confined space,and they completed the job on time and under budget. Thank You for your terrific work and keeping your promise.

Eric H

National Banking Services

Thank you SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City for your help! We recently had a visiting Pastor coming to stay at our cottage,and the bathroom had a major flood. The team was there on the spot,cleaned and disenfected the bathroom,and put it all back together,and was back in perfect condition for the next visit from our Pastor.

Thank You Tom and Team!

Sally P

I called your office after hours for an emergency water leak,and within 15 minutes received a call back.The crew was out in an hour,and were terrific at their jobs!Our panicking was over and we are very pleased with the outcome.I highly recommend SERVPRO of Egg Harbor for all of your Home Service needs!

Debra K

We had our Ducts Cleaned by SERVPRO of Egg Harbor,and they did a wonderful job. I own a very old home with 3 HVAC Units,and it wasn't simple to get to,along with very high ceilings.The guys were here for two days and were clean,efficient,and very professional.I was thrilled with the outcome and I'm very happy with the results. Thank You SERVPRO!

Mrs Buckley

Thank You SERVPRO of Egg Harbor for helping us in our crisis. We came home to an overflowing toilet on the 3rd floor,and the water poured through to the ground floor...albeit on a Sunday.Bryan and crew came out and got it under control,and the entire next week,the crew worked until the entire house was cleaned and demo'd. We are now in the rebuilding stage,and SERVPRO of Egg Harbor is handling this as well. I highly recommend this office---from start to finish--they were incredible!!

Mr and Mrs Segal

We Called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor to have our house cleaned after renters nearly destroyed it,and the salesman said they can also remove all the furniture,appliances,and debris using a dumpster.It came out beautiful-all in ONE day!We are so pleased and want to say Thanks Again...Super Job!

Ashley Mach

Wow-did we call the right company!After a storm in our shoreline home,water came inside at an alarming rate,and we called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor.They were here within an hour,and set up all the equipment,and took out all the water before it did more damage.WE are relieved and our home is getting back to normal drying conditions.

What a fantastic job you did!

Thanks so much!

Paul G

Thanks to the Guy's at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor,our laundry rooms at our Sr Center are working great!They were efficient,clean,and professional every step of the way.The vents are working great!

Thanks and we'll be calling for more services needed!

Jim C-Facilities Mngr

My wife and I came home to flood on a Sunday morning and couldn't believe our eyes! We called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor and the rep Daren was there in an hour,with a crew right behind him.They stayed all day,having to tear out walls,ceilings,and floors to get it to where we could stay in our home.The next day they brought a dumpster,and continued to work with no interruption. We have now given them permission to do our entire rebuild,and could not be more pleased with the workmanship from Crew Chief Bryan and his team.I highly recommend them to help anyone in a crisis like they helped us.

Thank you for your care-Mr and Mrs Avino

Thanks to the Guy's at SERVPRO Egg Harbor for putting my mind at ease!I had a fire earlier in the day in my home,and they were there within hours to board up my windows,and secure my home until the cleanup started the next day---All on a Friday night and weekend! You really helped me at a time of need.

Thanks Again-Bill M

What a Fantastic Job SERVPRO of Egg Harbor did to clean our crawl space of debris,remove the mold that was giving us a horrible odor,and laying a vapor barrier to prevent any further damage---all completed a few days after I called from Philadelphia to our home at the shore---Thanks for an outstanding job and great customer service!!!

Jared L

I'd like to thank the office at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City for their quick response to our sewerage break at our shore home.I work in Cherry Hill and my wife called in a panic from the house after we had a terrible leak from a recent storm.The Team at SERVPRO was there in an hour,cleaned up a lot of water and debris,and is coming back tomorrow to finish.Great Response Time and it put my wife's mind at ease!

Thanks again-J Levy

A wicked storm and lightning raged through just last night,and Daren was here in no time to help.It shorted out our power box and I extinguished it,but the powder was everywhere!This morning a crew was out to clean up,and we're all good thanks to the Guys at SERVPRO.

Excellent Response Time and Customer Service!

Johnny D

I'm an attorney in Phila,and called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor after a storm tore a hole in my roof and water was everywhere.I put my trust in them from a distance,and it was a great experience working with Tom and Daren.They took me through every step via telephone until it was finished,and now it's my pleasure to work with them on having it rebuilt.

I'm ever so pleased with all SERVPRO has done for me.

R Goldfarb

The chimney fire I had scared me,and thank Goodness I was able to extinguish it myself.I called SERVPRO to get rid of the smoke and stains,and they treated my belongings like they were their own--with care and great detail in cleaning.

Very Grateful to SERVPRO of Egg Harbor.

Denise S

We have used SERVPRO of Egg Harbor for water damage in the past,and now we needed them for a small fire in our recreation center.They worked through the night to secure the area,did the demolition the next day,and put everything back together with a beautiful renovation.

Thank you Jim and staff!


The Team of Dom and Chris were fantastic! They removed my insulation,cleaned the mold spotless,painted it,and put new insulation back in 3 Days!!!Couldn't be happier...great young men and I couldn't be happier.

Mrs Augia

We rented our home out for a year and now that we're moving back in,we found it destroyed and full of mold.SERVPRO of Egg Harbor came in and got it cleaned,floors done,and mold removed in 3 Days!We are expecting a baby very soon and we're ready to move thanks to Dom and Chris!

Chad P

We live in Philadelphia and had a water problem at our home in Wildwood.We googled 'water damage' and called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor.Wow-were we pleasantly surprised at the service we got!We highly recommend them for any water leaks for the entire Jersey Shore area!

Great Job Guys!!!

Mary W

Of all the times to have an emergency---Memorial Day Weekend---we called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor to come and clean a block of suites that were destroyed by some rowdy young adults.They were there in an hour,and spent the day doing their jobs,and made the place look like new!We will now use them for all of our properties and can't thank them enough.I passed their info along to all of our maintenance managers in all of our properties---thanks again!

David K,Executive Housekeeper

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor saved our Summer Kickoff Weekend!Our water leak started on the 3rd floor and came to the bottom...at the entrance of our units.They were there in a few hours and got us back in business in no time flat!Thanks to Tom H and crew a million times over!We will now use them for all of our services.

Andy M

Thank You SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor/Margate for helping us get through our dilemma from our flooded offices! We couldn't have been up and running so quickly without you and your wonderful TEAM!

Dr V and Staff

i met Daren on a Thursday night at the local gym,we got to talking about our jobs,and asked him to stop by my real estate management office on Friday.He was there at 9am,assessed the damage from a wind/rain storm on the top floor,and had a team of professionals at the site the same day---talk about SERVICE!!!

It's SERVPRO of Egg Harbor for me,and all of our properties...

Brian Mc

SERVPRO came through---BIG TIME---on a SATURDAY,no less!

WE were shocked to find our home flooded after a storm had hit the area,and they responded right away...

Great crew,efficiency,and professionally---all the way!!!

Thanks a Million SERVPRO of Egg Harbor!!! Ron M

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor was on the spot after a tree fell and damaged our roof after a storm that came out of nowhere.They put a tarp on it so prevent further damage and helped us dispose of things needed to be thrown out.

Thank you for going above and beyond!

Kevin C

Just a quick shout out to Dom,Chris,and Daren for taking care of my condo after a recent storm.The Guys were here within hours,took care of the water,disposed of some things that were ruined,and are coming back to help me put everything back together---

Thanks SRVPRO of Egg Harbor!!!

Tiffany Q

Oh My God---is all we thought! A Sunday in the summer and who can help us? SERVPRO of EGG Harbor--that's who!!!

A small stove fire,but they treated it with care and professionalism all the way!

Thanks so much---Mrs Dodds

We live in Detroit,and were alerted by our neighbor in Brigantine about a fire next door to us.We googled 'Fire Help Nearby Brig" and called SERVPRO right away.They were great,communicated with us every step of the way,and gave us the relief we needed.

Talk about long distance help--Thank You SP of Egg Harbor!

Dr and Mrs Reed

How embarrassed was I to have to call someone because of a silly fire in my gas grill?! Thank goodness I called SERVPRO because they noticed smoke on my walls nearby from the fire,and came out on a weekend and took care of business.

Highly recommend these guys...

John DeAnn

I couldn't have been more upset on a Sunday to see a small fire at my home started by my 12 year old Son...but SERVPRO of Egg Harbor saved the day!!! They were there in an hour,put up a wall to keep the smoky odor under control,and saved my home from further smoke damage.They have since done everything I could have asked for,and I will be forever grateful for their efforts!!!

Thank you SERVPRO---Stacy Van

Our property management company in Pa. owns the building that suffered a very large water leak that was left unattended for months...we called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor and they worked a miracle by cleaning,doing the demo,and now we are ready to start new construction---all with SERVPRO!!

Thanks so much for all of your help!

Connie Ven

Cleaning Jail Cells can be a challenge--and the guys at SERVPRO were fantastic!!!WE will recommend this franchise location for all of our cleaning services---bar none!

Well Done!

Sonny M

We called SERVPRO to clean up a few of our Police cars on the inside,and they went above and beyond and cleaned them all inside and out---the very next day!

Great Job Guys and Thanks again.

Mike P

Thank you SERVPRO of Egg Harbor for your great response time!We had a biological emergency,and called another service company who told us they could be out in a few hours---we called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor and they were at our mall in ONE HOUR!

We will only be calling them for all of our needs from this point forward!!!

Judy L

Thank you SERVPRO of Egg Harbor! Even though our home is still a work in progress,the guys at your office have been lifesavers to say the least! This started with a water leak on our deck outside of our bedroom,and has now found its way in the stucco walls surrounding our entire front of the house.They have been here every step of the way through cleaning,demo,and now putting it back together.They have worked with my Adjuster,architect,and masonry company to get this corrected and have responded like true professionals.They even came and tarped the area in case it would rain over the weekend! We're finally making great progress and I couldn't have done it without SERVPRO leading the way.Thanks again!

Toby T

My wife and I recently purchased a home through a Sherriff Sale,where you get to inspect the property but not the inside of the home.After we closed on the property and were given the keys,we were shocked to see the interior condition---full of mold so bad that the ceilings were falling in.I called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor,and they came out ready to go to work---breathing masks,meters,and equipment needed to tackle a mess like this.The team that came out took their time,measured,inspected,and gave me a verbal evaluation upon completion as to the type of work that was needed.They went ahead and emailed me an official estimate---below what we thought the cost would be--and we now have a date to start the project.They were so efficient and professional that we need not go elsewhere for another cost--the job is their's and we're thankful we reached out to them.

Thank you!

J Stokes

I am the property manager at Bella Condo's and called Daren at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor just yesterday to discuss our situation that has been ongoing for quite a while. He made an appointment with me and was here this morning with the Production Manager Tom---faster than I thought they would be available.We all walked through one of our units and I pointed out the water problem,and my concern for mold behind the walls.After Tom used his meters and tools,we decided to approve SERVPRO of Egg Harbor to proceed with the job.After we fixed the leaks last night,they worked diligently and completed step one and will complete the job next week when we asked them to. Great response time and we will now use them for our entire building!

K Silverman

Right in the middle of an addition to our home,our bath on the 2nd floor overflowed,and down through ceiling into our kitchen it came.I called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor and they responded in less than an hour,as Daren came to my home. He took a look,calmed me dowm,and had a crew there at 5pm and they stayed until the job was done. They came the next day to pick up equipment and supplies and that was that! Thanks Very much for all of your help...the entire team were all great!

Jen Q

I was referred to SERVPRO of Egg Harbor by a friend that's an adjuster in Philadelphia,and I called them and spoke to Jim. I explained that this is a home we haven't been to in a year due to unforeseen circumstances and knew it needed some work inside.Jim and Daren met me on a Saturday and we did a walk through and saw mold in every room. We spent about an hour there,and Jim helped assess the scope of work. The very next work day,I had an email from Daren with full details and a very fair price. They now have gone there with a roofer to assess that.I can't tell you how these guys went out of their way to accommodate me and didn't charge me a dime. We are now putting a game plan together to start the work.Thanks Guys!

T Crane

I feel inclined to write again...after taking care of our condo a few weeks ago,the SERVPRO team came back again--this time at my request to handle our rebuild. I was told by Daren in the beginning that they could do it,but thought the Association handled that. Well they came back,finished in a half of a day,and we're ready for Memorial Day at the beach! Thank you SERVPRO of Egg Harbor...again!

William L

I use SERVPRO of Egg Harbor for my business needs in all aspects of restoration,but this time I needed help at my home...a sewerage pipe broke in my crawl space and the odor was horrific to say the least! A team came over the next day and worked until the job was done,and the odor is gone. the work they performed was timely,efficient,and the way that they handled a rather dirty job was done very cleanly. Thank you for giving us the relief we needed!

Ken S

I Contacted Daren Perone through a networking group we belong to for some water damage in my basement at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor. He stopped out to assess the damage,took some photos,and had a crew out the same day. When they came back to complete the job the next day,they cleaned up as if we never had a problem and the job was a success. Call them if you need any help in a crisis situation---they will deliver!

Steve P

I called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor on a Wednesday,and Daren responded to me the same day with a game plan. That's what I wanted to Hear!His crew of two men did an awesome job,and went above and beyond to get our shop into shape to open the very next weekend. Daren even stopped in while the work was going on to make sure I was satisfied...that's great customer service,and I would highly recommend calling them for your next cleaning job.

K Tridento

Talk about fast and efficient service! I made one call to Daren at SERVPRO from my office in Philadelphia for a water break at my condo in Brigantine, and he was there within an hour,assessed the damage,called me from my condo,and had a crew on the spot the very next morning. He promptly called me that next day and gave me a rundown of what was done,and gave me the peace of mind and comfort that I needed. The job was completed seamlessly and I highly recommend SERVPRO of Egg Harbor!!!

Bill L

What a great job SERVPRO of Ventnor City did for me! I'm a local insurance agent,and a client of mine bought an old home at the shore that was old and had asbestos throughout. SERVPRO brought in a special machine to vacuum the debris from two floors high into a giant bag that needed emptying every 1/2 hour or so,and continued the process until completed. They cleaned the entire property like it was new, and I will certainly use them again for certain! It was a dirty job and they handled it professionally and with the utmost courtesy.

I live in a Condo Association Complex and a resident above me had a major water flood,which in turn came through her unit down to mine,and even went through my unit to another resident on the bottom floor. I called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor and within one hour they had a team of professionals at my home and worked very quickly and efficiently to get my home back to as normal as possible.The next morning another team arrived and started with drying equipment,demolition equipment,and a Crew Chief who monitored everything.I left to go to work feeling confident of the professionalism that was exhibited,and by the time I arrived home,they were packing and storing our personal belongings in a safe manner.I'm glad I called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor and would recommend them to any of my friends,.family,and fellow residents for sure. Thank You SERVPRO!!!

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City was professional,clean and thorough in completing our job. They arrived on time and finished the job even before the time that was expected.I was very impressed with the level in which they performed and could not have been happier all the way around.


Jim M