What our Customers say...

Mold Remediation Testimonials

I am pleased with the work they performed on my home due to mold damage. Their service was prompt and the team handled the process very professionally. I highly recommend them.

We were extremely pleased with SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City with the Mold Cleanup in our Crawl Space. We had to close our branch and let them work in a confined space,and they completed the job on time and under budget. Thank You for your terrific work and keeping your promise.

Eric H

National Banking Services

What a Fantastic Job SERVPRO of Egg Harbor did to clean our crawl space of debris,remove the mold that was giving us a horrible odor,and laying a vapor barrier to prevent any further damage---all completed a few days after I called from Philadelphia to our home at the shore---Thanks for an outstanding job and great customer service!!!

Jared L

The Team of Dom and Chris were fantastic! They removed my insulation,cleaned the mold spotless,painted it,and put new insulation back in 3 Days!!!Couldn't be happier...great young men and I couldn't be happier.

Mrs Augia

We rented our home out for a year and now that we're moving back in,we found it destroyed and full of mold.SERVPRO of Egg Harbor came in and got it cleaned,floors done,and mold removed in 3 Days!We are expecting a baby very soon and we're ready to move thanks to Dom and Chris!

Chad P

My wife and I recently purchased a home through a Sherriff Sale,where you get to inspect the property but not the inside of the home.After we closed on the property and were given the keys,we were shocked to see the interior condition---full of mold so bad that the ceilings were falling in.I called SERVPRO of Egg Harbor,and they came out ready to go to work---breathing masks,meters,and equipment needed to tackle a mess like this.The team that came out took their time,measured,inspected,and gave me a verbal evaluation upon completion as to the type of work that was needed.They went ahead and emailed me an official estimate---below what we thought the cost would be--and we now have a date to start the project.They were so efficient and professional that we need not go elsewhere for another cost--the job is their's and we're thankful we reached out to them.

Thank you!

J Stokes

I am the property manager at Bella Condo's and called Daren at SERVPRO of Egg Harbor just yesterday to discuss our situation that has been ongoing for quite a while. He made an appointment with me and was here this morning with the Production Manager Tom---faster than I thought they would be available.We all walked through one of our units and I pointed out the water problem,and my concern for mold behind the walls.After Tom used his meters and tools,we decided to approve SERVPRO of Egg Harbor to proceed with the job.After we fixed the leaks last night,they worked diligently and completed step one and will complete the job next week when we asked them to. Great response time and we will now use them for our entire building!

K Silverman

I was referred to SERVPRO of Egg Harbor by a friend that's an adjuster in Philadelphia,and I called them and spoke to Jim. I explained that this is a home we haven't been to in a year due to unforeseen circumstances and knew it needed some work inside.Jim and Daren met me on a Saturday and we did a walk through and saw mold in every room. We spent about an hour there,and Jim helped assess the scope of work. The very next work day,I had an email from Daren with full details and a very fair price. They now have gone there with a roofer to assess that.I can't tell you how these guys went out of their way to accommodate me and didn't charge me a dime. We are now putting a game plan together to start the work.Thanks Guys!

T Crane

SERVPRO of Egg Harbor/Ventnor City was professional,clean and thorough in completing our job. They arrived on time and finished the job even before the time that was expected.I was very impressed with the level in which they performed and could not have been happier all the way around.


Jim M